Entering day three of Hermithood. Subject appears dejected. Eating habits have deteriorated to raw cookie dough and olives, both luckily consumed separately. Subject seems to be dealing with unreasonable tension, which she only unleashes by collapsing to the floor in a pitiful ball and hiding under a blanket. Subject has not left room for more than 24 hours. Netflix is being considered. Recommended next steps: Remove Subject from isolation immediately and submerge in an area of chaos until senses and emotions reactivate.

And this is how I’m feeling right now… Having a four day weekend like I do has its advantages and disadvantages. When I want to go off somewhere or do something, it’s wonderful. When I stay at home, where my nearest friend is fifteen kilometers away and I’m surrounded by ocean, it kind of sucks. A lot. There’s nothing to do but homework, internet and writing. Well, and piano and flute. But you get my point.


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